Dayjavo (Frozen lake)

Life has stopped. Nothing feel the same or test the same or smell the same. Life just turned to frozen lake no life in it no difference in any thing day is night ,night is day . Then some thing amazing has happened. I just thought of the definition of dayjavo . What is it […]

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Get up you late

Get up you don’t know the date .life is a journey of patience and pain. It doesn’t mean we just go insane. Or forget our roots and try to sleep forever. So I say ….get up you late ,get up you don’t know the date. I walked the walk ,talked the talk ,tried hard to […]

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Night story

Once upon time a baby girl named Leila ((queen of hearts)) .Leila love her cat Fudge .. fudge and Leila play every day … until one day fudge run after bird ,the bird gone really far away and fudge gone after the bird and forgot her best friend Leila alone.. Leila crying and crying and […]

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My heart belongs to you. Dady miss you and so worried about you.One day you will know how much dady Love’s you. For u I will fight to the last day of my life.soon you will be safe ..soon you will be looked after with love and care. I pray for you. Mum doing alot […]

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To my queen of hearts. I miss you .once upon time I been told fight for Leila. Baby I know u can’t read or feel my pain away from you. But dady promise you ,,you will be home soon. Then I will tell u stories at night time and teach you alot of things . […]

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