The Sky is blue

Home.Where is home? Is it your place of birth or is it where you live or wherever your family and friends choices to live,Is it possible to spend all your life without knowing where is home. Being citizen of the world is wonderful thing to say or to enjoy. But is it enough to replace […]

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Make love not war

Bless you my home land.Bless you my home land.Some one some where feel my pain.when some clowns feel the need to bring down an airplane and justify the matter by saying!!!!!!!!!;;;; I have no idea what they will be thinking? Ahhhhh..may be for exampel when the tourism industry come to hold we break Egypt… Get […]

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Why we seek the unknown

I said I can’t go down this road agin. Yet I was so close to repeat my past experience and mistakes. It’s so hard to confront our self that we broken. We all have got our demands and some. Just what it takes to admit it and deal with it. Or even just except the […]

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