Lost soul awake

It’s hard when you play with the fire to don’t get burn. I almost open my heart agin and dropped my guard. But distrust develop more distrust. I actually thought I missed the family dream. But after I got played agin now I promise full attack for my Leila best interest. No one will stop next wave no free mission no one no one will save you from the evil you tried to play agin last night .I was a fool I was almost fooling for it. No Tamuk no wahipe or mobs no Dan no one in The hut valley or poiroa will save your fraud charge. My child name changed by a false signature. I can’t believe you done That. I can’t believe u still playing victim and saying you can’t trust . I can’t believe I was going to fool for you agin.


Enjoy face book snap chat messanger and your Shaun or Sheaden Barrett. I will take my child full Time. I can’t believe I was going to drop my guard agin. You no one to me. Leila is.

I thought I missed you but after you saying no trust you reminded me by alot.

See y’ Fishy. You hurted me so so much. You took my baby cheated sold your self back staped me .so you need to own my trust then I may let you in.

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