Is being alone better than being lonely? 

wp-1466240073924.jpgIt has been a while.I almost forgot to stop and look at my self. Looking every where for the roof of my house and forgot completely that I am still working on the foundation.

In few months my life will never be the same.I am trying to come to tearm with some real facts.For fact I will love someone more than I ever thought I could love a living soul.

Fact,I will lose my self to the family.Oh my God! !

Fact I have to be the best man for my better half.

Fact,to love u must understand why? ?!Do you love for a reason?,,,,,,,,or for a reason?! Lol

So if it not for a reason,that’s mean it’s unconditional love?! And for me the highest level of unconditional it must be loving from one side.

It’s sounds great . But it’s not easy .As you must be Abel to love your self and accept to let go . Accept that you can’t look at the roof of the house before building the walls. And of course above all you should have the foundation strong and stable. The four walls to any man houes is spiritual, physical, mental, and family.That’s the true walls  If the four walls strong your roof can cover your house and it’s will be the houes of love. The house that doesn’t have doors or Windows but sky and warmth can nature any living soul within this houes.

With love to vix and Ms Z


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