Reality check 

In recent times I left wondering a lot what’s loving your self could be like?! Could it be making your self breakfast and coffee in the morning,may be getting out there to your favourite coffee shop or even getting the flowers you like the most?!

Thing with me about a nice way to express to your lover how much you appreciate there time and how pleasant there company is for you. And now can you do to your self what you do to your lover, The little things we do for them how our life will be if we do it to our self?! Learning to spend time in our own and have the wonderful moments of COMFORTABLE silence can allow us to reflect on our self and identify our true needs. How can we love someone if we don’t have the time of the day to love our self, how can we spend quality time with some one if we can’t spend quality time in our own. Love , need, codependency all can be miss understood emotions. So the one can last is the real one. The one can last is true love true hope for the best. Set it free if it back it’s true,Let it be if it become what you thought it’s the real thing.Just always remember nothing last for ever so It’s good idea to make the most of it while you can. Keep in mind to never say never.

With love


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