Harmony is it state of minde or state of being

img_0010In love agin, is it possible to claim that you are in love agin just because you meet up with some one you like?!How can you be in love agin without loving your self?! Being in harmony it’s state of peace within yourself when your body and heart and soul come to the point of accepting the fact that we are part of plant earth part of the forest and the ocean🌹.Trees and mountain,lake and rivers we all are one. We breathing same air as a matter of fact dogs and cats cheers 70% of our DNA that’s how much we all connected, harmony for me is accompanied with peace and love to the Mother Earth and our fellow men. I thing having a moment in the morning once we open our eyes to have a moment to thank Mother Earth for allowing us to be part of the cycle. I know for fact that we write our own history and our future shaped by our actions today.

So let us enjoy life in state of peace love and harmony.

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