In love agin

img_0038She said hello and I didn’t look at her because I knew that last time I seen her I felt scared.Her eyes are full of life and dreams and fire.I said to my self O my god I can easy full in love with this girl she is amazing. She is just what I need (reason to be) as I have been thinking my journey in life should come to end! Any way this hope come with a lot of complications. So what to do what to do is the only thing my inner voice keep screaming loud.
I said to my self ok I will spend some time with her!! Once my finger tips moved over her lips I felt warm and so connected with my my soul (like I been plugged into a life charging source) once my skin touched her skin I felt safe I felt I am back agin to my body. I felt reason to stay alive reason for being. Once she looked at my eyes I felt light has strike my inner being lighting all the dark places in my soul allowing me to see what need to be done to reclaim my life and start agin.

The best thing that I am not sure what tomorrow hiding for me but I am in a place at the stage if my life where I am happy to take one day at the time.

She is young,no it can’t be,she is a heartbreaker,I am so lost.All of that in the back of my head.I will focus on my career,I will be the best man I can be,I will do what ever it take to provide her with the best possible life she can have.I will teach her all what I learned the hard way in life. I will love her unconditionally.It will be so nice to see her grow and shine.She is a soul and when the lost soul searching found her the searching journey actually started in a different level.It’s searching for away to make another soul have and achieve what my own soul searched for long time ago.


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