The Sky is blue

Home.Where is home? Is it your place of birth or is it where you live or wherever your family and friends choices to live,Is it possible to spend all your life without knowing where is home. Being citizen of the world is wonderful thing to say or to enjoy. But is it enough to replace home.
Home for me is wherever I sleep and have peace of mind. The only thing when you love people in different countries and having the intelligence to see behind the the culture and believes difference and recognize that we all the same.Black white Kiwi Egyptian English what ever. We all broken humen we all full of emotions good bad and ugly. We all looking to love and be loved. How hard is it for this world to become plant earth. Why don’t we see behind the politics,money and religious beliefs and


or all the man made obstacles to separate and label the humen kind.It is one big blue sky one sun let us make it our light our cover our world.Our home.
It’s always start with a dream and hope. I hope that my home is plant earth and my family is the humen kind.

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