Make love not war

img_0017Bless you my home land.Bless you my home land.Some one some where feel my pain.when some clowns feel the need to bring down an airplane and justify the matter by saying!!!!!!!!!;;;; I have no idea what they will be thinking? Ahhhhh..may be for exampel when the tourism industry come to hold we break Egypt… Get up you bloody ideats and go and do some thing to build not to destroy .love never meant war and by the way God is love.Just go an do some thing helpfull like some S C D.That would suit you. Because some one (my first army school Sargent)  told me a  (warrior does not hide when he is fighting for his cause, as a matter of fact a true warrior he will be hunting this groups down). My best friends and comrades been killed every day fighting and dieing trying to put end to what’s called brother n hood idiolgey of destruction. They are Egyptian by the way. WHY kill beautiful people and breake the heart of a lot of kind nice gentle helpfully families. For what. That’s not what Islam thought us. Ones upon time I loved and believed in Islam not as my religion but as the way I was always trying to be good man and I filed my self then I feel guilty that I am not fulfilling my prayers duity? Sound so twisted. Sense when praying to God not a choice but must. Where is the freewill.Mohamued him self said to Quraish trip ‘you have your religion and we have ours” So he said people you believe and pray to what ever and I will pray for whatever i like and feel the need to pray for.* at the stage I am window shopping after I have been Christian for the past 3 years*) still am.but open minde to other views at the stage (this confusion come with grive)OR am i really wondering if ISL and  the I R A  used the name of God to justify breaking community’s and separating  lovers and destroying homes and breaking dreams I say why not, may be I will open my mind to what’s coming next may be budism or agnostic. Or why labels and names. I will just try to be a good man. Good human .. bless and save you my Egypt. By the way for my Egyptian friends S C D…is BBS dancing show…..Strictly come dancing. That’s  what this killers and cowerd should learn to dance and may be the need to learn and love them self and be happy and enjoy what they got ..Should say that to my self  I can’t name you cowards tarrest because  the west and the east and every inch on the mother earth not scared of confronting  the fact that you killers are twisted .  no more fair Because good people don’t fair idiot’s  when they are really good people not just masking and pretending.


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