Alone Again

Life it same fading away . Shifting further every day. I am sorry baby I have to go to better place. It’s hard to know what’s truth any more . It’s hard to live without my soul. What’s is back and you not there. I feel alone like never before. I will never break my promise to you. I got your back. And you need to know I am still trying to get it together. But life feel empty with out you .


Love through your fairs

Two ways to love someone. You either love them to the last breath and try to stand on there ground or love them to achieve goals and dreams. True love know no fair . True love full of plessing and cooperation. Two people work together to over come all the pain and obstacles life through at us. Love is is quite .Have any one seen true lovers try to fight every day over nothing. Have you seen a lover just see the bad in his or her lover. Have you ever heated your loved once. I don’t think thought. Correct me if I am wrong. Can your eyes and heart see and feel the clod in an Egyptian desert at mid day summer time. I don’t think thought It takes care love and tender.

Trust …..need work.

Respecte ….need to be owned

Honesty …..must



Lost soul awake

It’s hard when you play with the fire to don’t get burn. I almost open my heart agin and dropped my guard. But distrust develop more distrust. I actually thought I missed the family dream. But after I got played agin now I promise full attack for my Leila best interest. No one will stop next wave no free mission no one no one will save you from the evil you tried to play agin last night .I was a fool I was almost fooling for it. No Tamuk no wahipe or mobs no Dan no one in The hut valley or poiroa will save your fraud charge. My child name changed by a false signature. I can’t believe you done That. I can’t believe u still playing victim and saying you can’t trust . I can’t believe I was going to fool for you agin.


Enjoy face book snap chat messanger and your Shaun or Sheaden Barrett. I will take my child full Time. I can’t believe I was going to drop my guard agin. You no one to me. Leila is.

I thought I missed you but after you saying no trust you reminded me by alot.

See y’ Fishy. You hurted me so so much. You took my baby cheated sold your self back staped me .so you need to own my trust then I may let you in.

What’s baby mean

Baby is the small thing can change your life.Can make you stronger .Can teach you to be kind loving in a way you never knew before. Baby life depends on you baby future depends on you .So baby is looked after by us until they grow and we love and care of them until the day we die.

I love my baby and to all mum and dad . Love your baby’s like you never loved before. With love come responsibility.

Leila . Daddy and mamy love you


I hope if you see

Today my soul gone past me . I felt like I need to scream loud and say welcome home. But I was so scared . I don’t know what or who to trust any more. I know there is something still in my heart but it’s fading away. My soul mate should do the right move now . But with open arms and mind . Not for wrong reasons and games but for love. Family and dreams. I am not sure yet if I will take her back. But I wouldn’t know untill the right moment. I hope life is that easy. I seen her face with the big reading glasses and my heart got taken away .yet my mind say. Be careful.