Beautiful  War

Love is such powerful emotion.Love is peace,harmony,pain and happiness, Some times we ill judge stuation,Some times guilt or shame force us to go down the rood of the danger and we say ( we have nothing to lose right) Ignoiring the simple fact that we going to heart the people love us the most . […]

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Reality check 

In recent times I left wondering a lot what’s loving your self could be like?! Could it be making your self breakfast and coffee in the morning,may be getting out there to your favourite coffee shop or even getting the flowers you like the most?! Thing with me about a nice way to express to […]

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In love agin

She said hello and I didn’t look at her because I knew that last time I seen her I felt scared.Her eyes are full of life and dreams and fire.I said to my self O my god I can easy full in love with this girl she is amazing. She is just what I need […]

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